Two black guys, an albino, a chick, and a jew walk into a bar in Boston

After sharing one whole beer, Friends of Gertrude is born. Their fun and fast-paced shows have been described as unpredictable, smart, and hilarious by audiences and critics alike. Through face melting and irreverent sketches, glorious song, and impromptu break-dancing, FoG brings to the table a fresh, fearless, and funny brand of comedy that takes aim at art, life, pop culture, your mom, and everything else in between.

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Meet the Friends

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Dennis Hurley
Laura Burns
Sam Ike
Quentin James
Zach Eisenstat

Dennis Hurley - Headshot croppedDennis Hurley began his career as a performer at Ithaca College in New York, where he received a BFA in Acting. He also received improvisational training from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC and the Massachusetts-based ImprovBoston. Dennis’ television and film credits include: The Daily Show, Let Them Chirp A While, Villinelle, Inventory, and his original film, The Albino Code, a parody of The DaVinci Code which he wrote and starred in that was featured on CNN, Inside Edition, and The Boston Globe. Dennis maintains an active presence in the Boston comedy scene, in addition to performing regularly with FoG and his duo sketch show, Sawyer and Hurley, he also performs with Duct Tape Revolution.  He will also appear in the upcoming feature films, iOrigins and Wander My Friends. For updates: www.dennis-hurley.com & @itsdendo.


Laura Burns - Headshot croppedLaura Burns is a writer, comedian, and human being. Her essays and poems have appeared in The Rumpus, Funny not Slutty, and Out of Stock, and she has performed improv, sketch, musical, and solo comedy at venues across the U.S. Laura’s web series, Cooking Alone, was an official selection of the 2016 Funny Women Fest in LA.


Sam Ike - Headshot croppedSam Ike is currently in the northeast. At this time he is most likely awake and probably writing or performing comedy. On Twitter he’s known as @TheSamIke and http://thesamike.tumblr.com/ is a great way to see more of him/contact him.


Quentin James - Headshot croppedQuentin James: “My favorite part of the plane ride is when we get a couple of hundred feet in the air, and I scream in joy, ‘Yeaaaa! We’re doing it!’ And raise my hand to high-five the person across the aisle from me. I’m still waiting for someone to slap my hand in return. The flight attendants hate me, and one of them even threatened to taser me, but I don’t care because flying is an amazing thing.”


Zach Eisenstat - Headshot croppedZachary Eisenstat is seriously hilarious. You can find him performing comedy and making laser beam noises with Friends of Gertrude or bringing it downtown to the drama zone all over the country – plus Canada! Recent productions include The Heart of Robin Hood (A.R.T.), On the Town (Lyric Stage), The Recruiting Officer (Whistler in the Dark), Our Country’s Good (Whistler in the Dark), The Chosen (Lyric Stage), and Superior Donuts (Lyric Stage).



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